"Christy had the skills and knowledge that Emily needed in order to work
through her sensory integration issues.  After working with Christy for a
few months, she overcame most of her sensory issues.  Emily was then
able to move forward in making progress with her gross motor skills.  
Christy helped her to achieve her goals one step at a time, moving from
crawling, to standing, to walking with an assistive device.

Without having had the opportunity to work with Christy, it is difficult to
say where Emily would be right now in terms of achieving milestones.  It
is with great pleasure that we highly recommend Christy as a Physical
"I am happy to recommend Christy for Pediatric Physical Therapy.  Our
family has used Christy's services since August 2004 and continue to
use her services as needed.  I have found Christy to be very
experienced, knowledgeable and easily able to interact with our child.  
Christy is very professional and continues to go above and beyond what
is expected of her.  I am very pleased to have found Christy as she has
helped our child tremendously.  Christy is constantly giving us ideas
with everyday household items we can use for therapy.  Christy's
personal nature and good heart only make her more desirable as a
therapist.  We couldn't ask for a better therapist for our child."
ACE Pediatric Therapy Services
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