About Us
ACE Pediatric Therapy Services was founded due to a desire for Christy
Colagross, PT to become more recognized in her community as a
Pediatric Physical Therapist.  Christy began her career in pediatrics
working in an outpatient setting for a Metro Atlanta major Children's
Hospital in 1997.  Then in 2000, Christy began working as a private
Pediatric Physical Therapist in the Douglasville, GA and surrounding
areas.  Ready to take the next step in providing private Pediatric Therapy,
she formed ACE Pediatric Therapy Services in January 2008.  After 9
years of providing therapy for children in their homes, she opened ACE
Therapy Center in October 2009 - a place where children can thrive in a
fully therapeutic environment.

Christy is currently the only therapist and serves to provide the best in
Pediatric Physical Therapy.  She is happy to treat children of all ages and
skill levels.  Her pediatric experience includes Aquatic Therapy, Sensory
Integration, NDT and Vision instruction provided as adjunct skills during
treatment sessions.

Christy holds additional certifications as a Pilates Instructor, Weight
Trainer and Strength Training Specialist.  These additional certifications
not only help in providing optimal therapy experiences for her patients
requiring traditional Physical Therapy, but also allow her to work with
children who wish or need to improve in a sport specific skill.  For
example, Christy has worked with young children and teenagers in the
dance community.

ACE Pediatric Therapy Services provides a highly trained and respected
Physical Therapist to work with each child personally on a one on one
basis.  Quality Physical Therapy services are faithfully provided during
each child's entire need for therapy to ensure the highest level of
functional outcome.  It is Christy's desire that as ACE Therapy Center
adds new services, staff and therapists that these same personal
characteristics will be sought in employees.
ACE Pediatric Therapy Services